New Service Request

Welcome to the Martin County Water and Sanitation Districts Community. Please contact our office by phone -or- you can print out the Service Application and Agreement (if available) to apply for service. We look forward to serving your water needs.


Please bring a valid photo ID when aquiring new service. All deposits must be paid with cash or check.


Deposits                                     Amounts

5/8 x 3/4                                        $90.00

1 Inch Meter                               $95.00

1 1/2 Inch Meter                      $160.00

2 Inch Meter                               $295.00

3 Inch Meter                               $430.00

4 Inch Meter                               $700.00


Service Fees:



Meter Connection/Tap-On Charge:

5/8x 3/4                                 $1,000.00

All Larger Meters             Actual Cost


Deposits                                     Amounts

Secuirty Deposit                      $45.00

Service Fee                                  $20.00


Connection/Tap-On Charage

Gravity                                   $370.00

Grinder Pump                    $2,600.00