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Dear Customers:

Recently a post made on social media created some discussion about security deposits at the Water District. I would like to take a moment to clarify.

First, in keeping with our goal of better record keeping, we have performed annual audits of system, financial and operational information. These audits include, but are not limited to, security deposits. These audits help us ensure that we are continuing to provide the best possible customer service.

Second, it is the Board of Directors job to set policy based on the guidelines given by the Public Service Commission. The District Tariff contains those guidelines. The current practice requires customer deposits. However, there is no documented approved board policy. It is our intent to present to the Board of Directors a written policy about security deposits for their approval. This deposit will go into an account where it collects interest that is applied to the customer account annually, until the customer discontinues service. This deposit assists The District with covering an unpaid bill if the customer doesn’t pay their final bill.

Finally, I would like to state that the employees of Alliance Water Resources are essential to providing quality service to the citizens of Martin County. Each employee, including myself, are active members of this community and care greatly about its success. I am proud and grateful of the efforts that our staff make daily to ensure they are following policy set by the Board and enforced by the leadership team.

Our employees are the face of the Water District and they interact with customers on a daily basis. Their goal is to be as helpful and professional as possible. However, these employees do not initiate or set policies and any information they are relaying comes directly from me based on my understanding of Board directives. I am proud of our team.

In the future, if a rule or policy doesn’t make sense, please feel free to call me. Like all our employees, I look forward to any opportunity to improve the service that we provide to the customers of this water


Craig Miller
Division Manager
Alliance Water Resources